Note: Since prices can and do fluctuate, I attempt to update this post from time to time. With that said, if some numbers are slightly off, please recognize that I cannot follow the prices perfectly all the time.

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Buy Fuji 400H Cheap

When you're shooting a lot of (fairly costly) film, you try to save money without cutting corners. But, there’s some horror stories of people receiving film that wasn’t stored properly. That means it’s not enough to just buy film cheap, you also want it to come from a reputable seller. BUT, when there’s a reputable seller, who also has it at the best price, it’s a no-brainer.

So, here's what I do to save hundreds of dollars when buying my Fuji 400H 120 at the best price.

Best Place to Buy Fuji 400H 120

So, after tons of research, I discovered that after shipping + tax, Mel Pierce's listing on Amazon for 60 rolls is by far the best price on Fuji 400H 120 film. It's even more cost effective than buying 100 rolls, for whatever reason.

At $398.97 (as of 6/2/17 UPDATE: price as of 6/21/17 is 389.97, so it's even cheaper currently!), that's about $6.67 a roll, vs buying for about $7.50-$8.50 per roll (if you buy 5 rolls at a time on Amazon). *Update 11/5/18: Price is now $399.99 with free shipping. Just a tiny bit more expensive, but probably still the best deal out there. 

Other places will have Fuji 400H for pretty good prices, but then they hit you with taxes and/or shipping costs and they don’t allow you to use some of the other methods I discuss below. In the end, I have yet to find a better price on Fuji 400H then the link I just shared above.

What I Do to Save EVEN MORE

Cheap gas using kroger fuel points

If you’re using a card such as Amazon’s Prime Card which gives you 5% cash back, you can end up knocking $5 for every $100 spent.

I end up saving about another $50 off the total when I order from the Mel Pierce Listing by using my Amex Blue Cash card that gives me 6% cash back at grocery stores.

For example, I take my Amex and buy an Amazon gift card from Kroger, which not only gives me 6% back on $399.99 (just a general average of what I’ve seen the price around) for $24 off which equals $375.99 for or $6.27 per roll, but I also get 2x fuel points (sometimes 4x), which I use to get $1.00 off my gas per gallon (which can end up being another $20+ off the amount total that I spent on that film, ultimately).

Not counting the gas-savings, this is $2.24 cheaper per roll than buying 5 rolls at $8.51 on Amazon (or many other places for that matter). That means that every 10 rolls you go through is $22.40 saved, and every 100 rolls is $224 saved!!! That all adds up quick, my friends. 

If you don't have a Kroger, I believe the Amex card still works for 6% cash back at places like Publix. Or, you could also use something like your Amazon Store Card to get 5% cash back, which is still a pretty good deal. 

Get It Before It's Too Late!

Whatever you do, who knows how much longer Mel Pierce will have this savings available, so go snag some Fuji 400H quick by using the link below!

If this helped you at all, please consider using our link to go to Amazon. They'll give us a portion of your purchase, which we use to help fund other posts like this!

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