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If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably realized that the Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4 is a great option to mount on your Pentax 645!

So, here’s a super simple guide to show each step to easily mounting it!

1. Pick out which version of the 105mm 2.4 you’d like to purchase.

I talk in depth about the version differences and pricing of the various versions in my Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4 Version Differences post. To sum it up, I recommend buying an SMC, if you can afford it. The reasoning for that is mostly because it doesn’t have radioactive glass (like the earlier versions) and, because it’s newer, it’ll have less chances of developing fungus, theoretically speaking.

2. Head over to eBay to add a 105mm to your cart.

This is pretty simple, right? eBay is great because you’ve got seller protection—so if something isn’t as described, you can return it. We do recommend making sure the seller has good ratings and offers a return policy of at least 14 days.

Click here to head to eBay to get a 105mm!

3. Add a Pentax 67 to Pentax 645 adapter to your cart and place your order!

This adapter will allow you to use the 105mm on your Pentax 645. Pretty cool, right? Add one to your cart and then checkout!

4. Put it all together!

Once you’ve got all your parts, simply attach the adapter to your Pentax 645, then attach you 105mm to the adapter, and BAM, your ready to start shooting!

I hope this simple guide was helpful!

To get started on making your purchases, click this link!

Other Lenses You May Want to Adapt to Your Pentax 645

Schneider Cinelux Lenses

Cinelux lenses are my personal favorite adapted lens option for Pentax 645. The Boutique Lens has a variety of Cinelux lenses which are absolutely beautiful matches for using with your Pentax 645. These lenses will rival and perhaps even outperform lenses such as the Contax Zeiss 80mm f/2 for the Contax 645.

Click here to view The Boutique Lens Collection!

Pentax 67 90mm f/2.8

This is a great lens that’s a little bit smaller and lightweight than the 105mm!

Click here to view the Pentax 67 90mm on eBay!

Pentax 67 75mm f/2.8

Out of all the Pentax 67 lenses, this one has perhaps the most smooth and interesting rendering.

Click here to view the Pentax 67 75mm AL on eBay!

Thanks For Reading!

We hope this post has helped you figure out how to adapt the Pentax 67 105mm lens to your Pentax 645! Have you tried other lenses we didn’t mention? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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