November 27, 2011 was the day we became husband and wife. It was one of the most life-altering decisions we've ever made, but here we are! Five years later, and our love for one another just keeps growing! It's out of that friendship that we have together that we decided that we found our passion in wedding photography. We value the relationships that our couples have, not only with each other, but also with us!

How we met

Jeff's side of the story: I had my University of Louisville orientation back in 2007. Like all freshman, I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but I had a sense of  grand newness, like anything could happen. Well, I wasn't expecting to meet my wife that day, for sure. However, that cute, outgoing girl that walked up and started talking to me that day at UofL didn't become my girlfriend until almost two years later when we both started going to the same church. I still remember the night I saw her wearing a cute purple v-neck and skinny jeans. Man, she was a knock-out! You hear people say this, but I really knew she was the one. And now, after being married for five years, can't thank God enough for how awesome of a wife, mother, friend, and partner she is. 

Michele's side of the story: So, there he was, standing with his weight shifted to one side, a youth large shirt that barely crazed the top of his pants, and to top it all off...a large golden belt-buckle. Jeff was...eclectic. But, he was kind of cute, too! I had never met someone before him that seemed to love Jesus so much. This really drew me to him. Our first date was on his family farm, where we went to a pond to fish. Most of the time, we just sat and talked, and it was oddly romantic. We really learned to know each other over the next few years, and one day he asked me to be his bride! I was ecstatic and still cherish the day I saw his smiling from ear to ear as I walked down the aisle. He's an amazing husband and father to our children, and I grow more and more in love with him every day. 

Our Family