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Looking for an amazing backpack that rolls to help ease your load and make carrying your camera gear more enjoyable?

Please allow us to introduce you to a bag that you may not have considered as a top contended, but which has won our solid commendation—Amazon Basic Rolling Backpack.

For transparency sake, we should state the obvious—we have not tried every single rolling backpack out there. We can honestly only say that, for the price, features, and reviews, the Amazon Basics Rolling Backpack is a true knock-out!

Why We Fell In Love with This Rolling Backpack

Wen we first began wedding photography, we would use the straps that came with our Canon cameras. Then, as we decided that we wanted to hold a couple cameras at once, while also looking stylish, we decided to use Holdfast Moneymakers.

Though it was convenient to have a stylish method of carry two cameras at once for certain parts of the day, we soon found this approach to be a little inconvenient for moving from location to location because of the weight that it placed on our backs amd the problem of banging the cameras up against doorways due to them hanging freely from our sides.

Plus, we very often found that we'd want to have some other bag on our person, so the strap just seemed to get in the way and cause too much strain without enough features. So, the search for the best method to carry our cameras continued.

Soon after, another photographer recommended we give the Amazon Basic Rolling Backpack a try. We were very pleasantly surpised.

With other backpacks of comparable ratings costing 50 to 100% more, we were originally skeptical. But, once in our possession, we quickly noticed that it has excellent build quality, padding, pockets, zippers, bearings, and overall build.

Build Quality of the Amazon Basics Rolling Backpack

We bought our bag on September 26, 2017 and it is currently May 5th, 2019. About two years later, our bag has been with us to 50 weddings. We have not been gentle with it. Yet, it's still holding up wonderfull!

The zippers all seem very good and strong. The material on the outside of the bag is also tough and holds up well.

Features that Make the Amazon Basics Rolling Backpack the Best Rolling Backpack for Wedding Photographers

The large interior features removable/customizable barriers so that you can change it all up to fit the specific gear that you’re carrying. There are ample pockets everywhere. You can also mobilize the straps, so, if you need to wear it like a normal backpack, you can.

The handle/grip feels good in hand and the wheels roll incredibly smooth! The bag also comes with a rain cover, in case you get caught in the rain. Finally, it has a slot which I believe is for a laptop, that we use for various thinks as a sort of drop and go pouch for when we’re in a hurry!

Conclusion to Our Best Rolling Backpack for Photographers Review

At it’s price point and with all it’s quality and features, we believe that the Amazon Basic Rolling Backpack is an incredible choice for wedding photographers.

If you’re considering purchasing this or another rolling backpack, please use our link as we get a portion of the purchase price which helps support us in writing other helpful articles!

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