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So, you’ve gotten to the point where you realize that, if you’re going to do weddings for any length of time, you’re going to need an amazing shoe or boot that will prevent you from being a cripple, while also allowing you to sport the style that both you and your clients will appreciate.

After a long search for the best men’s dress shoe for wedding photographers, I honestly believe I’ve arrived...

That most comfortable men's shoe for wedding photographers is the Zerogrand by Cole Haan.

Why the Zerogrands are a Lifesaver for Me

In addition to the the typical back pain I would experience during wedding days, during 2018 I developed plantar fasciitis and became concerned that, if that wasn’t treated, I wouldn’t physically be able to stand for the full day of a wedding.

I began treating my plantar with compression socks and insoles. I also began looking for a dress shoe that looked stylish and dressy, while also being supportive and comfy for long days on my feet. At the time, I had been wearing Johnston & Murphy’s to weddings, mainly because I thought they felt fairly comfortable and I like their style.

After visiting my local 6pm store, I stumbled upon a pair of Zerogrands. I put them on and I instantly fell in love and knew these were “the ones”. Upon wearing them for my first full wedding day, I knew that the game had changed—I could now endure a full wedding day with basically no foot pain and improved back pain.

But, I noticed that, during the week when I wasn’t wearing my Zerogrands I would develop foot pain and eventually began experiencing intense heel pain. So, I decided to exclusively wear my Zerogrands. The results? My feet feel amazing. Now, I’m going to be ordering more to hopefully keep them on my feet during every occasion!

What Makes the Cole Haan Zerogrand the Best Men’s Shoes for Weddings?

Cole Haan calls their sole design “Grand.ØS Technology”. It’s essentially a lightweight, flexible, and responsive foam sole that is the “soul” of the comfort that supports the Cole Haan style. These shoes fit the drive for aesthetics while also providing lasting support and comfort.

For that reason, I don’t only consider them the most comfortable men’s shoes for wedding photography, but also the most stylish men’s dress shoe for wedding photographers.

Do You Rotate Your Foot?

My foot and back pain largely stemmed, if not completely originated from one foot pronating and the other supinating. If you’re not familiar with these terms, you can find more info on foot rotation here. Simply put, pronation is when your foot turns inward when you take a step, while supination is when it rotates outward.

Certain shoes are designed to correct either pronation or supination, while other provide a stable neutral support that helps to prevent either rotation. Since I had one foot pronating and the other supinating, I really needed a strong supporting neutral shoe.

Here’s where the Zerogrand really shines. The Grand.ØS Technology provides that neutral support that doesn’t only give you great impact cushion, but also the stability that helps keep the rest of your body in line!

Zerogrand Versions

You’ll currently find (at the time of writing) several versions of Cole Haan’s work/lifestyle shoes which utilize Grand.ØS Technology.

  • Original Grand

  • Lunargrand

  • Zerogrand

  • 2.Zerogrand

  • 3.Zerogrand

  • GrandMotion

Original Grand Vs Lunar Grand vs Zerogrand

The Zerogrand was an improved design over the Grand and Lunar Grand in that Cole Haan aimed to produce a more flexible, lighter weight, and better cushioned shoe.

Nike owned Cole Haan, but sold it in 2012, after which Grand.ØS Technology was introduced as an improved design to Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning which featured in the Lunargrands.

Zerogrand vs 2.Zerogrand

The 2.Zerogrand was designed to update the style and improve things such as gravel getting stuck in the grooves of the bottom of the Zerogrand.

3.Zerogrand vs Zerogrand and 2.Zerogrand

The 3.Zerogrand introduces an even slicker look with improved support, particularly in the heel. It also features a more luxurious feeling leather as an improvement to the almost PU feeling leather of the earlier versions.

The GrandMotion

The GrandMotion appears to be a shoe gear more towards those looking for a traditional, breathable tennis shoe. It is not a successor to any of the Zerogrands.

The Cole Haan Zerogrand Fit

I’ve found that the Zerogrand runs a bit large. I could wear around a 10.5 in a Nike, but only need a 10 in my Zerogrand. The 2.Zerogrands have a similar fit, while the 3.Zerogrand run about another half size big, and can be a bit narrow. So, if you wear a 10 in something like a Nike, you’d want to consider a 9 Wide in a 3.Zerogrand, in my opinion.


These shoes look amazing. I get complements all the time. Enough said! There a tons of different options when it comes to colors and material, so be sure to peruse around Zappos listing and see what your options are!


Cole Haan has done the wedding world a favor with their Grand.ØS Technology. They’ve given us a classy, stylish, and yet unbelievable comfortable plethora of shoe/boot options that help us do our job better and longer.

We want to hear from you! Did you find this post helpful? What shoes have you found to be the most comfortable? Please share!

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