Ever wondered how you can make more time for things that you value most on your wedding day? Consolidating the locations you’ll be at during the course of your wedding day may be one of the best ways to do just that!

Even if you don’t have EVERYTHING at the same location, these reasons should be more than enough to help persuade you to “boil it down” so you can focus on the things that matter most!

The Dilemma

Think of this scenario: you find a ceremony location you love, but it doesn't allow loud music or alcohol on the property, so you have to find a second location for the reception. And maybe it has a small room to relax in for a few moments before you both walk down the aisle, but not enough room for the entire bridal party to get ready in -- which means you'll need to find a third (and maybe fourth!) location for the bridesmaids and/or groomsmen to get dressed before the big event. 

. . . Not to mention the time it will take to travel to and from each of those locations throughout the entire course of the wedding day (and less time capturing beautiful photographs)! 

Although there are couples out there who make a situation like this work just fine, it can make your timeline more stressful and challenging -- and isn't your day supposed to be all about a fun and enjoyable experience? 

Reasons to Book a Wedding Day for Your Entire Wedding

1. Save on Travel Cost

Why not cut out need for transportation? If you’re having your whole wedding day at a single wedding venue you’ll have no need for a limo or party bus. With average wedding transportation cost being $750 (can be much higher!), this will help you allocate funds to other things you’d love to be apart of your wedding.

2. Keep Everyone Together

Want to focus more on spending time with family and friends and less time running around? Cut out the time you’d spend gathering up your things for travel.

3. Less Coverage Needed

Travel increases the amount of time you’ll need certain wedding vendors such as your wedding photographers. If you’re wanting to invest more into the moments and less of people riding in transportation, then having your wedding day in one spot is a great idea!

4. Keep It Simple

Nobody likes unloading only to load up again to go from place to place. Being able to relax, celebrate, and enjoy partying with your new spouse, friends, and family is probably one of the most exciting things about your wedding day. Keeping everything in one spot helps keep you relaxed and in a posture to party.

So, keep it simple and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

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