If any part of your wedding day is going to be indoors or in low-light for any reason, it's very important to hire, know, and feel confident that your wedding photographer can photograph in those darker conditions. 

Here are some things to look for when trying to find out if a photographer can shoot in low-light, as well as some examples of how we handle low-light wedding photography scenarios.

low light wedding photography example of couple outside during LED balloons

Look for Examples of Low-Light Pictures

If not immediately noticeable, scour the photographer's website for examples where natural/good lighting was absent. You should find examples where either the photographer took a photograph in an obviously dark setting, or where they used a flash in a flattering way to light up an obviously dark location. 

It's good to look for both posed as well as candid low-light photos because it shows the photographer knows how to handle low-light for controlled stills, as well as on-the-go candids when quick reaction and improvisation are essential. 

An image taken in almost pitch black while the couple held very still.

An image taken in almost pitch black while the couple held very still.


If you have any trouble finding low-light examples, ask to see some. If possible, view a full gallery from a wedding and note the low-light examples. 

Black & Whites Are Great, But Watch Out

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Sometimes lighting can really mess with skin tones. Even professional photographers will sometimes opt to make an image black & white if it looks better, especially due to poor lighting. And honestly, that's totally fine! Several things, including the fact that some photos are just more dramatic and emotional in black & white means it's totally acceptable and even preferable to make some images black & white.

A low light wedding photography example of best man giving speech
Low light wedding photography example

With that said, if all the photographer's low-light photos are black & white, it may be an indication that they don't know how to handle low-light conditions when it comes to editing. 

But hey, maybe you love black & whites. And that's totally fine! (So do we!) But, if you're expecting to get some decent color photos in low-light, be sure to see examples beforehand! 

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Understand Low-Light Doesn't Mean It Will Look "Low-Light"

Good low-Light wedding photographers can edit photos to look bright. There is a difference between "dark & moody" images, which may be brightly lit, but edited to look dark, vs poorly lit images that are edited to look bright. 

Pay Attention to Whether Or Not Photos Are Blurry

Will & Jessica Wedding at St. John United  and The Brown Hotel (Web Use)-508.jpg

Shooting in low-light often requires the use of a slow shutter speed. Normally, a fast shutter speed freezes the scene, preventing any blur. However, when a photographer needs more light, he may drop his shutter speed to a slower speed, which allows more light into the camera. 

There's no problem with this, unless the photographer is unable to prevent camera shake, or if the shutter speed is dropped too low to prevent the subjects from blurring due to their movement. 

Low light wedding photography of bride on stage with band

If They Use Flash, Make Sure You Like How They Use It

Flash can be used in a variety of different ways. Most people do not find direct flash very flattering. Good low-light photographers know how to use and modify flash in a way that looks good!

A image taken with on-camera flash while using a light modifier.

A image taken with on-camera flash while using a light modifier.

More Tips On Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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More Low-Light Wedding Photography Examples

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