November 27, 2011 was the day we became husband and wife. It was one of the most life-altering decisions we've ever made, but here we are! Five years later, and our love for one another just keeps growing! It's out of that friendship that that we found our passion in wedding photography. We value the relationships that our couples have, not only with each other, but also with us!

Who we are

Jeff: Hi! Do you find it as hard to write an "about me" as I do? I don't like to talk about myself much, so to be honest, I'm really struggling here! I try and not think about myself and always fear I'm coming off as "arrogant", "self-inflated", or as a "better-than-real" version of me. But since I'm sure you're here to learn a little more about Michele and I, I'll do my best to help show you a little about me!

Three things that REALLY excite me: 1) when I get to help someone relax through learning something helpful, 2) when I'm learning something new, and 3) when I see someone learning something that I've learned. I feel like I'm a passionate person and I love making others feel excited about life. ENFJ all the way, if you're about that Myers-Briggs.  

My favorite things in the world besides my faith and family are monopoly, walks in the woods, Asian food, and connecting with people (preferably over fine Asian food dinner). Maybe I shouldn't be writing this while I'm hungry : )

Fun fact: I'm the type of person that counts every hour on the clock to tell you how many hours are between 11:00am and 9:00pm. Also, I like to make my Monopoly piece hit every square when moving to another space. This might sound strange, but I think it's interesting because Michele is the exact opposite. She can just tell you the hours between two times and know exactly what square to go to on the Monopoly board. If I haven't lost or freaked you out, yet, kudos to you. 

As we get to know each other, you'll find me to be a deeply committed friend, husband, and father who loves to meet and exceed expectations. I highly value communication and being very organized, while I also prize spontaneity, as some of life's most precious moments are unplanned. 

Michele: Let me first start by saying that I'm the more introverted one of us! I balance Jeff out in that way. I'm very observant and have the gift of paying great attention to detail. I can be a awkward at times and it's ok if that makes you feel better about yourself, haha! I've been an artist my whole life. There's not much else better than making someone happy with something that I create.

I love clean eating, but I sometimes splurge on really delicious things like queso! I'm not real outdoorsy like Jeff is, but I love house plants- I buy the ones that are really hard to kill. I really dislike uncomfortable shoes- I wear heels as long as I can because they make me feel pretty, but bring my Toms for the inevitable. I used to tell my mother that I would never have children, but Jeff and I had a surprise honeymoon baby. I ended up actually liking my own kids (ha!). I love my family and being a mother so much.

Christ and the Gospel are more important than anything else to me, but I'm not a perfect person and won't be as long as I'm living on this Earth.

Our Family

How we met

Jeff's side of the story: It was my University of Louisville orientation back in 2007. Like all freshman, I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but I felt like anything could happen. With that being the case, I wasn't expecting to meet my wife that day. But that cute, outgoing girl that walked up and started talking to me that day at UofL. It wasn't until about two years later that she became my girlfriend.  You hear people say this, but I really knew she was the one. And now, after being married for five years, I can't thank God enough for how awesome of a wife, mother, friend, and partner she is. 

Michele's side of the story: So, there he was, standing with his weight shifted to one side, arms crossed, a youth large thrift-store shirt that barely grazed the top of his pants (that was trendy then, ha!), and to top it all off...a large golden belt-buckle. Jeff was...eclectic. His curly locks were unforgettable; I thought he was pretty cute! I had never met someone before him that seemed to love Jesus and other people so much. It wasn't abnormal to witness him going out of his way randomly to bless other people or things as simple as going the speed limit. But, he has always been very humble and I've never felt judged by him. He was different than many other guys, for sure! The first time he asked me out, he suggested we go to his family farm to fish. I was a "city girl" and had never been fishing- it was a real adventure. We really learned to know each other over the next couple of years, and one day he asked me to be his bride! I was ecstatic and still cherish the day I saw him smiling from ear to ear as I walked down the aisle. He's an amazing husband and father to our children, and I grow more and more in love with him every day. 

Why we love working together

Jeff: Michele gives her all at whatever she does and will not stop short of excellence. She clings tenaciously to her high standards and she won't stop until she reaches her goals. This comes out in her wedding photography as always aiming to create images that resonate with her ever-cultivating vision for beauty and joy. She will stop at nothing to catch a moment between two lovers, family members, or guests at weddings. It brings me so much happiness to see our brides and grooms excited about the amazingly detail oriented, fun, and personal images that she creates. Michele has helped me grow in my ability and desire to produce photographs that will matter to our brides and grooms--photos that are not only beautiful, but also emotionally impactful. 

Michele: Jeff has an extraordinary ability to communicate with people and make others feel comfortable, one of the reasons I married him! He has never met a stranger and he has a great sense of humor! It makes me so proud to see him make someone laugh. He balances me out in so many ways, reminding me constantly of why we are such a good match. He's the most kind and openly compassionate person I have ever met- we've been married for almost 6 years, so I have seen him at his worst. 

What sets us apart

We're very careful here to say that we don't claim to be "better" than anyone. However, we feel that there are specific people we are most suited to serve. If you've made it this far, we have a pretty good hunch that you may be one of those people! 

As a husband wife wedding photography team, we feel that we're very equipped to serve couples in three ways...

  1. Since we've been through the wedding process, we can relate to how daunting, potentially stressful, and overwhelming it can be. It's that knowledge that we use to drive us to be there for you to help you feel relaxed and confident and to push ourselves to capture the images that we know we would have loved on our wedding day.
  2. As a husband-wife team, we're capturing two unique perspectives. Since we always work together, we communicate well and know what to expect of one another. And, you will know what to expect too! Jeff follows the guys and Michele follows the girls. You can see how our styles are complimentary by viewing the pre-ceremony portions of our galleries. Every wedding and gallery on our website, was photographed by the two of us, together, and every review that you read is the product of us working together.
  3. We are full- time wedding photographers. That means we are extra available to take your calls and answer your emails throughout most of the week, and we make it a point to be super prepared and relaxed for your wedding day, so we can give it our all.

Our type of Bride

We have to admit, every  individual is unique and has their own set of beautiful characteristics. That's what makes them who they are. So, you might be thinking, "do Jeff and Michele have a specific type of person they like working with the most?" And though we'd love to be the perfect fit for everyone we honestly feel that there's a certain "bride" that is a "Jeff & Michele" kind of bride. It's a fairly broad description, but we've noticed that most of our brides that we jive with are...

  • Deeply committed to family 
  • Hard working, but know how to have fun and relax
  • Very personal and friendly, yet professional
  • Appreciative of the details in our photos
  • Lovers of being organized, but can be spontaneous 
  • Focused on caring for others/not all about themselves
  • IN LOVE with our photos
  • IN LOVE with us

We strongly believe that our best work is produced by the relationships we form. Natural-looking photos are a result of connecting with people. It's these people we want to connect with so that we can make something awesome together!

If you think you're one of these, please contact us right now and we'll get back with you as soon as we can!