Bernheim Forest in Clermont, Kentucky is such a great place for pretty, flowery summer-time engagement photos. This go-round, Kyle and Lauren joined us for a lot of laughs as they learned to be comfortable with themselves in front of our camera.

Most couples that have never been in a photo session before are pretty up-tight and uncomfortable at first. There's a lot of apprehension knowing that these photos are going to represent you and your fiance! The fear of looking and feeling awkward in front of the lens can be a bit unnerving. "Do I look ok? Am I going to seem awkward? What poses will we do? Are Jeff & Michele going to guide us?"

Since we know how weird it can feel, we always take a few moments and teach a few basic poses to our couples. This helps them unwind a bit, and start feeling natural! Plus, it sets the foundation for the rest of our shoot and allows them to never feel completely lost. 

But, enough about all that! Go look at a few of their pictures and be sure to read about Kyle and Lauren's favorite things about each other at the end!


Lauren: Kyle is so positive (which is most definitely the opposite of me). He sees the bigger picture of the world and all of the good it can hold. Sometimes when I’m ranting and raving about life not going my way, he reminds of how blessed we are. As simple as this is, he just brings out the best in me.

Kyle: Lauren changed me!  I never wanted to settle down, have a family and grow old.  Being with her showed me how great life can be if you let someone in to share it with.  I’m so thankful to say that I get to marry that girl.