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Derek & Winnie: Louisville Catholic Wedding at St. Agnes

Derek and Winnie's wedding was just as sweet and exciting as they are! As you'll see in the photos below, Winnie gave Derek a "Things I Love About You" book, Derek and his groomsmen made the most of the construction site  in front of their wedding venue by posing in front of it wearing construction hats, and their reception was made extra special by featuring a family tradition of more than 15 years on Winnie's side- the men in the family dressed up as the Village People to perform the YMCA song!

How They Met

After months of encouragement from her father, Winnie joined CatholicMatch.com on April 11, 2015. That same day, while looking at her matches, Derek, from Bardstown, KY caught her eye. Winnie recognized they had a lot in common and went ahead and "beamed him a smile." After reading her profile, Derek was smitten. He couldn’t believe this amazing woman existed and it was too good to be true. So, he messaged Winnie with a "Hello there." 
His simple greeting got the ball rolling, and they messaged back and forth all that afternoon. That evening, Winnie had plans to go out and play bingo with some of her friends. Derek wanted to continue talking to her and asked her if she would want to continue talking over text. Excited by this good looking and friendly man from Bardstown, Winnie agreed and gave Derek her number. The two continued to text throughout the evening. Since everything was going so well, Winnie’s friend Kara, encouraged her to invite Derek to meet them both at a bar. 
After bingo, Winnie and Kara were on their way to drop off Kara’s car at Winnie’s house before going to the bar to meet Derek and his friends. All of a sudden, Kara’s car started smoking and broke down. Winnie pulled over with Kara and waited with her for AAA. Winnie texted Derek to tell him Kara’s car broke down and they would still meet them at the bar after the tow truck came. Derek was very understanding and offered several times to come and help. 
It took Winnie and Kara so long that Derek started to worry he was going to get stood up and that he was getting cat-fished. Winnie reassured him that they would be on their way to the bar soon. After waiting almost an hour and a half, the tow truck finally came. Winnie and Kara then headed to Diamonds Bar in St. Matthews.
Winnie and Kara found a table and only waited about 10 minutes for Derek to arrive and introduce himself. Winnie and Derek had so much in common, they talked until 2am. Derek then whisked her away alone and kissed her. 
Winnie and Derek continued to talk and had their first official date at Thunder Over Louisville. Winnie and Derek officially became girlfriend and boyfriend on May 1, 2015.

The Proposal

On April 16 ,2016, Winnie decided to throw a surprise 30th Anniversary party for her parents, Winnie and Randy. The majority of Winnie's family and friends were at the party, as were Derek's parents, Pam and Lester. After surprising her parents and eating, Winnie showed a photo slideshow she had created. Winnie was too busy to notice Derek sweating and downing beers because he was nervous. After the slideshow was finished, Winnie proceeded to toast her parents. Then, they proceeded to cut the cake and feed it to each other. After this, Derek stepped up and said, "Ok. My turn." Winnie assumed Derek was just going to toast her parents. Derek recognized her for her hard work with the party and then asked Winnie to come forward. He took her by the hands and told her, "I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes!

Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes Catholic Church
Wedding Reception Venue: Bellarmine University
Bridal Gown: Couture Closet
Tuxes: Rebecca's Wedding Boutique
Florals: Victor Mathis
Hair and Makeup: Carrie Lentz Makeup
Band: Kudmani


pink and navy anchor wedding invitations for louisville ky wedding
Silver glitter Michael Kors wedding shoes sitting on veil at Louisville wedding
Michael Kors glitter wedding shoes sitting on marble and gold table
Groom reads personalized wedding book from the bride
Personalized wedding book gift for groom from the bride
Groom reads personalized cartoon book from the bride, words say "I love that you are forgiving".
Reflection photo of groom reading his wedding gift from the bride. Reflection is in wall picture glass.
Bride opens her gift box from the groom while getting ready for her Louisville wedding
Bride laughing as she opens up her small bourbon barrel gift from the groom on her wedding day.
Bride getting hair styled before her Louisville wedding at St. Agnes Catholic Church.
Bride getting lipstick applied by her makeup artist before her Louisville wedding at St. Agnes Catholic Church.
groomsman bridal party in hard hats in front of construction zone at St. Agnes Catholic Church wedding in Louisville ky
Mother of the Groom at St. Agnes Catholic Church laughing.
Mother of the Groom talking and laughing with the groom before his wedding at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville Ky.
Groom and his groomsman portrait at St. Agnes Catholic Church under a tree.
Bride with bridesmaid at louisville ky wedding st agnes
bride holding teardrop shaped cascading bouquet at st. agnes wedding in louisville ky
bride holding cascading bouquet at louisville ky wedding St. Agnes CAtholic church
Bride kissing her mother on the cheek at St. Agnes Catholic Church for Louisville Ky wedding.
Mother of the Bride laughing with the Bride and the Mother of the Groom at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville Ky
groom's first look, first sight of bride coming down the aisle at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville Ky.
Bride and Groom sitting at their wedding at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville Ky.
Up close shot of Bride and groom saying their vows at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville ky.
Bride and Groom first kiss from Balcony at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville Ky.
Bridal party portraits- walking under a willow tree at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Louisville ky
bridal portrait at louisville ky wedding st agnes
Bride and groom portrait at Louisville Ky Wedding St. Agnes
Bride hitting cowbell at wedding Bellarmine University Louisville Ky
bride and groom first dance at Bellarmine University wedding in Louisville ky
Groomsmen performing as the village people at Bellarmine wedding reception in Louisville ky
Groomsmen performing as the village people at Bellarmine wedding reception in Louisville ky
Groomsmen performing as the village people at Bellarmine wedding reception in Louisville ky
Groomsmen performing as the village people at Bellarmine wedding reception in Louisville ky
Garter toss and bouquet toss winners with bride and groom at Bellarmine wedding reception in Louisville Ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani groom looking at bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Kudmani bride singing with band on stage at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Bride and groom laughing at Bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
Sparkler exit at bellarmine university wedding reception in louisville ky
bride falling into limo at the end of the night after her louisville ky wedding
limo driving off at louisville ky wedding

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Making a Wedding Day Survival Kit for Your Groom

Wedding Day Survival Kit

After one of our brides made a wedding day survival kit for her groom, we decided to do a little feature! After all, it's super cute and adds a little special touch that will get your groom anticipating and pumped for one of the biggest days of his life.

Theresa made this kit for Juan and included not only Reeses Pieces, Lifesaver Gummies, a Ring Pop, peppermints, and a bottle of Woodford, but also included a simple note reminding Juan how long they have been together. 

wedding day survival kit-1.jpg

So, if you want to make something like this, it's definitely a sweet idea to make your groom feel extra special on his wedding day!

How To Make a Wedding Day Survival Kit

This is pretty straight forward, right? All you do is take a few items that you know your groom will love, write a note, and give it to someone that will make sure he gets it!

We recommend picking out something that is specific to his interests. For example, if he loves IPA beers, maybe throw in his favorite. If he likes to play golf, make it golf themed and maybe throw in a few golf tees. You get the idea, right?

Other ideas for things to put in your groom's wedding day survival kit:

  • His favorite candy
  • Flask
  • Cigar
  • A nice watch with a custom engraved note on the back
  • Personalized bottle opener
  • Personalized cuff-links
  • Tie-bar
  • Fun, bright, or classy dress socks
  • Tickets to a game they'd love to go to
  • "Open when..." letters (Open when...we get buy our first house...when we have our first child...etc.)
  • A scrapbook of special moments and memories from your relationship
  • Pocket knife


There you have it! Have something else that you think would be a great idea to include? Be sure to share in the comments below!



Bernheim Forest Engagement Session: Jenna & Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Jenna are obviously giddy about one another and are so comfortable to laugh and be themselves around us. We are so excited to be photographing their wedding this fall.

Jenna & Jeremiah's Story

Jenna: Jeremiah and I have known each other for most of our lives. We both grew up in the same small town, and his mom actually worked at the daycare that I went to as a child. We became friends in high school but never revealed our interest in one another. I graduated a couple years ahead of Jeremiah and moved away to attend college at Indiana University.

We lost touch, but still remained friends on social media. During my sophomore year, I received a message from Jeremiah on Facebook. A playful conversation resulted in him giving me his number. We started talking every day and began dating a few months later. Jeremiah graduated from high school and started school at Franklin College, just 45 minutes from IU. We spent nearly every weekend together, whether I was cheering him on alongside his family at one of his football games or we were eating at one of the many delicious restaurants at IU.

A few years passed and we were on vacation with my family on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.
Jeremiah was a recent college graduate and I was about to start dental school. We were
walking on the beach with my family and sat down on a tree trunk to exchange our
“anniversary” gifts that we had brought with us since our anniversary was only a few days prior.

I gave Jeremiah his gift and he handed me an unwrapped necklace box. I opened the box and
was surprised that there was nothing inside. When I looked up, Jeremiah was on one knee and
was holding the most beautiful ring in his hand. He asked me to marry him, and I couldn’t be
happier to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend.



Photos shot on Pentax 67 with 105mm f/2.4, Canon EOS 3, 5div, and 5diii | Film used: Fuji 400H | Developed and scanned by Photovision Prints 




The Govanuses: Ft. Meyers Family Photography

Family photography looks a little different for us- especially when the family has three boys under 4! And, often family sessions turn into couples' sessions in the end. You can see the Justin and Laura's oldest son taking our request to "lean in for a kiss" a little too personally in the second photo. Ha!

The Govanuses are good friends of ours, so we were so honored to take their photos while staying with them in Ft. Meyers Florida in March.



Southern Indiana Wedding Photography--Thomas & Lindsay: Engaged

Thomas and Lindsay are amazingly kind, gentle, and friendly. Talking with them is always a joy, and we've found ourselves spending plenty of time just chatting about life with them. It's things like this that we love about working with our couples--the meaningful connections that they share with each other and with us. 

We all decided on Falls of the Ohio in Southern Indiana for their engagement session. We love the lush and interesting scenery of trees, the rushing river, and lots of intriguingly shaped driftwood.  

Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (49 of 85).jpg
Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (15 of 85).jpg
Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (6 of 85).jpg
Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (76 of 85).jpg
Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (31 of 85).jpg
Thomas_&_Lindsay_Falls_of_the_ohio (82 of 85).jpg



Terrace Romance: A Lakeland Florida Styled Wedding Collaborative at The Terrace Hotel

With harmonious tension, rich tones and elegance, moody + whimsical dance, creating a romantically mysterious, yet bright atmosphere, highlighting the intimacy of the wedding day. “The Terrace Romance" hosted at the historic boutique Terrace Hotel is a collaboration of Tampa Bay area vendors and models, along with Jeff & Michele, who traveled from Louisville, Ky desiring to create something different, exotic, with plenty of diversity, and yet not too edgy to be perceived as unbecomingly foreign to the current styles. 

Wearing an opulent and whimsically glamorous ostrich plume feather dress, our bride, accompanied by a lovely cascading bouquet adorned with red roses and unopened protea, perfectly fits the exotic and romantic air.

A passionate color scheme of red, cream, and gold with burgundy and blush accents adorn the shoot, adding to the charmingly mysterious allure. An elegantly embellished table is set with a gorgeously textured cream and black linen, lush centerpieces featuring young proteas, gold rimmed chargers and glassware, and gold flatware, all complementing the classy charm and balancing the sultry mood.  

With hand-torn edges, gold accents,  intriguing hand-lettering, and a beautiful illustration of The Terrace Hotel, Script + Vine’s paper suite adds a captivating and enchantingly mature touch to the event. 

The gold metallic finished and marbled fondant three-tiered cake featuring a luscious hand-crafted candy peony from Hands on Sweets sits upon a marbled base, perfectly adding to the curious allure. The particularly delicious cake pops are masterfully accented with 24kt gold foil, creating yet another wisp of glamor, echoed by the dainty sugar cookies which sport a brushed gold stripe.

To complete the evening, we find our bride beside The Terrace’s Lake Mirror in an illustrious tulle Ostrich-plume dress which is so unique and gorgeous, as well as a more relaxed and whimsical take on the first feather-dress. We conclude here on a playful and fun note, as our bride mingles with her groom who is now charmingly dressed in a dapper berry suit.

Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (28 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (15 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (3 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (9 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (18 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (19 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (51 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (54 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (56 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (59 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (64 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (67 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (68 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Hotel-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled-wedding (75 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (76 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (80 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (81 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (87 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (89 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (94 of 110).jpg
The Terrace Hotel Wedding Photography Styled Shoot
The Terrace Hotel-Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (98 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (103 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (104 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (105 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (106 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (107 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (108 of 110).jpg
Terrace-Romance-Lakeland-Fl-Styled (110 of 110).jpg


  1. Event Planning: Love Lee Lane | http://loveleelane.com | @loveleelane
  2. Photography: Jeff & Michele | https://jeffandmichelephoto.com | @jeffandmichelephoto
  3. Photography Assistant: Stephen Zane | http://stephenzane.com | @theglorioussend
  4. Dresses: Xiaolin Design | http://xiaolindesign.com | @xiaolindesign
  5. Videography: Loveview | http://www.loveview.co | @loveviewweddings
  6. Venue: The Historic Terrace Hotel at Lake Mirror | http://www.terracehotel.com 
  7. Papergoods: Script and Vine | http://scriptandvine.com | @scriptandvine
  8. Cake and Desserts: Hands On Sweets | http://www.handsonsweets.com | @handsonsweets
  9. Linens: Over the Top | http://www.overthetopinc.com/ | @overthetoprentallinens
  10. Rentals: A Chair Affair, Inc. | http://chairaffairrentals.com | @achairaffair
  11. Female Model: Chanda Am | http://chanda.am | @chanda_am
  12. Male Model: Kevin Theodore | http://www.instagram.com/kevinbtheodore | @kevinbtheodore
  13. Florals: Bloomingdale Florist | http://www.bloomingdaleflowers.com | 
  14. Hair & Makeup: Style Hair and Makeup | http://www.stylehairandmakeup.com | @style.hairandmakeup
  15. Vintage Decor: Tin Roof Trading Company | http://tinroof39.com | @tinrooftradingco
  16. Headpieces: Romantic ART Life | http://www.etsy.com/shop/romanticartlife | @romanticartlife





Louisville Wedding Photography | St. Martin of Tours & Mellwood Art Center

Louisville Wedding Photography--5.jpg

This wedding will have you wanting to party! From a wedding-day survival kit, a shoe game that will make your guests laugh, to smore's bar and beyond, there are plenty of cute and fun ideas to help make your wedding feel like a celebration, so have a look and then read about it below! 

Please show some love by liking and sharing, and don't forget to hover over and pin your favorites!

A picture of Z Salon & Spa in Louisville, Ky as our bride is getting her hair done
Louisville Wedding Photography Z Salon
Wedding day photo of the bride getting ready at Z Salon & Spa in Louisville, Ky
Louisville wedding photography
Louisville-Wedding-Photographers (51)

First off, let us talk a little bit about the lovely couple. Juan & Theresa have been amazing people to us. They're both extremely kind and friendly and we've been thankful that we've been able to walk with them during this special time in their lives. We had done an earlier blog about their love story, and we knew we'd have to follow up with one about their wedding, so here we go!  

Theresa's hair was done by the talented Whitney Rankin at the beautiful Z Salon & Spa on Shelbyville Road in Louisville, Kentucky.   The clean, spacious, and pleasant atmosphere made for a fun, whimsical, and relaxed getting-ready. Their ceremony was held at St. Martin of Tours. Their fall-themed wedding reception was held in the Picasso Room at Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

For the guys getting-ready, Theresa gave Juan a "wedding-day survival kit" which included a bag of Reese's Pieces, Life-Savers Gummies, a Ring Pop, and a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon. Included was a note that said, "Today, I have loved you for 731 days". Juan was, needless to say, really excited. Theresa didn't know this, but Juan had been writing a card to her every day for the last year. He wrote his last letter to her during his getting-ready, and gave her the entire collection the day after. 

Juan's groomsmen got their tuxedos from Generation Tux, which is an online tuxedo rental company based in Louisville, Ky. They provide various styles of tuxedos, styled looks, and suits through a simple and easy online interface. We like that they provide contemporary and trending styles that compliment any man's figure for any formal occasion, including your wedding! If you're looking for men's formal attire in Louisville or anywhere else, we highly recommend them!

When Theresa arrived at St. Martin of Tours, she entered into a side room where her father was praying. This was his first look of her in her wedding dress, at the sight of which he immediately broke into tears of joy. They embraced and spoke lovingly to one another as they both prepared for one of the most important moments in Theresa's life. 

Their ceremony was a traditional Catholic mass that was accented by the beautiful artwork in the spacious sanctuary. The message given by the priest included an ardent encouragement to value and honor the gift of marriage between man and woman as a special gift from God.

Their fall-themed wedding reception was held in the Picasso Room at Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky. As you'll see below, their reception was equipped with a s'mores bar! Theresa commented on the significance of the smore's bar saying, "Towards the beginning of when we started dating, Juan and I were eating s'mores and I got marshmallow all over my face. As we were sitting there laughing, he was trying to get it off my face--that was the moment I knew I had fallen in love with him! So the s'mores bar really meant a lot to me!" 

Here, I'd like to include a special note about the DJ. It's our persuasion that good a good DJ can be very undervalued. However, a DJ is the one that will make the difference between your reception being a "wedding reception" or a party celebration. Their personality and presence will determine not just the flow, but the feel of the events at the reception. With that said, Jason Shields of Music in Motion Louisville did an amazing job! He was very professional, got everyone involved, and turned it from a reception gathering to a party. 

They played the Mexican traditional game of "La Vibora De La Mar". If you're not familiar, this is where two chairs are set in the middle of the room followed by the bride and groom standing on and being supported by two other people holding them around their waist. Next, the guests link hands and begin to run in between the bride and groom while they're on top of the chairs. And this isn't done in a delicate manner...oh no! The goal is to knock them off! 

Oh, and right before the garter toss, they had Juan drink bourbon from a shoe! We assumed that this was another Mexican tradition, but when I asked Juan about these events and he said he had no idea what they were, which we found pretty hilarious. Apparently, someone just beckoned him to take his shoe off, poured bourbon into it, and then Juan drank it...from his shoe...!

One other game Juan & Theresa did that was hilarious was the newlywed shoe game. Questions like, "who has more shoes", "who is messier?", "who made the first move", and "who is usually right?" really helped get everyone involved and added to the party feel of their reception.

When we asked Theresa if she had found any favorite photos yet, she said, "We have a couple...I want to sit down again and go through them! I have been looking at them non-stop on my phone!"  As her photographers, hearing that made us smile! We're always aiming for our photography to create an amazing experience that adds a sense of meaning. 

We hope you enjoyed Juan and Theresa's Louisville Wedding and that

"Jeff & Michele are husband and wife wedding photographers in Louisville, Ky. They specialize in fun, romantic, and natural-looking wedding photography. They deeply value their couples and create a unique wedding photography experience that is filled with love, laughter, and moments to remember. When they're not photographing weddings, they can be found playing with their three children and/or enjoying company with friends and family."

Learn more about the Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele.



Louisville Wedding Photographers | Bardstown, Kentucky Wedding Oscar-Getz

Don & Tasha's fall-time wedding was held at Oscar-Getz Whiskey Museum in Bardstown, Ky which is about  an hour from Louisville. The ceremony was in the cute, quaint Oscar-Getz Chapel, located within the same building. The reception was held on the top floor. 

Without a doubt, we enjoyed the feel of Oscar-Getz. The history contained in the museum brought with it a sense of being immersed in a past of mystique and controversy--controversy because of the prohibition documents displayed, some with passionate emotional arguments and yet another with a depiction of a happy, stable planet, if "only we could rid it of alcohol". 

Out of curiosity Jeff asked what the oldest bottle of bourbon was in Oscar-Getz. Surprisingly, it was one from nearly 1800, still with some bourbon in the bottle, no doubt enjoyed several times throughout the past 200 years.  

If you're looking for a venue for your Kentucky wedding, you can find the website for Oscar-Getz at http://www.whiskeymuseum.com/.

Enjoy some of the pictures!

Jeff & Michele | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Don, the groom, sees his bride, Tasha for the first time in her dress and begins to walk towards her to lovingly embrace.
Bride and groom embrace during their first look outside Oscar-Getz
Tasha, the bride in her beautiful, white wedding dress, walks towards her groom, Don.
Bride and groom kissing outside Oscar-Getz Museum of Whiskey History during their Bardstown, Ky wedding
Bride and groom lovingly embrace and talk during first look
Photography of groom smiling outside of Oscar-Getz during Bardstown, Kentucky wedding.
Photograph of Bride outside Oscar-Getz during Kentucky Wedding in Bardstown
Schedule for wedding at Bardstown, Kentucky's Oscar-Getz
louisville-wedding-photographers-oscar-getz-venue (46 of 24).jpg

We're now booking weddings at the Olmstead, 21c Hotel, The Gillespie, Whitehall Louisville, The Ice House Louisville, The Peterson-Dumesnil House, Gardencourt at Louisville Seminary, as well as elopements at Red River Gorge!

Louisville Wedding Photographers | Lexington Wedding Photogrpahers

Updated on January 4 at 7:06 PM.


Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele: Bernheim Forest Engagement


Louisville Wedding Photographers, Jeff & Michele: Bernheim Forest Engagement

Bernheim Forest in Clermont, Kentucky is such a great place for pretty, flowery summer-time engagement photos. This go-round, Kyle and Lauren joined us for a lot of laughs as they learned to be comfortable with themselves in front of our camera.

Most couples that have never been in a photo session before are pretty up-tight and uncomfortable at first. There's a lot of apprehension knowing that these photos are going to represent you and your fiance! The fear of looking and feeling awkward in front of the lens can be a bit unnerving. "Do I look ok? Am I going to seem awkward? What poses will we do? Are Jeff & Michele going to guide us?"

Since we know how weird it can feel, we always take a few moments and teach a few basic poses to our couples. This helps them unwind a bit, and start feeling natural! Plus, it sets the foundation for the rest of our shoot and allows them to never feel completely lost. 

But, enough about all that! Go look at a few of their pictures and be sure to read about Kyle and Lauren's favorite things about each other at the end!


Lauren: Kyle is so positive (which is most definitely the opposite of me). He sees the bigger picture of the world and all of the good it can hold. Sometimes when I’m ranting and raving about life not going my way, he reminds of how blessed we are. As simple as this is, he just brings out the best in me.

Kyle: Lauren changed me!  I never wanted to settle down, have a family and grow old.  Being with her showed me how great life can be if you let someone in to share it with.  I’m so thankful to say that I get to marry that girl.



Falls of the Ohio Engagement | Alex & Stephanie

Alex & Stephanie were in the wedding party of one of the very first weddings we ever photographed. They were dating then so we snagged a few of them during the wedding. Now we're gearing up to shoot their wedding next year! Have a look at their love below! All photos taken at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, Indiana.



Lexington Wedding Photographers: Steve & Kelli Love Story


Lexington Wedding Photographers: Steve & Kelli Love Story

Kelli’s personality is what got me. From day one I could spot that smile and laugh from miles away.

Steve & Kelli found Michele & I on TheKnot.com, and we immediately clicked. They’re genuine and friendly people and you can’t help but fall in love with them! Take a look at some of their engagement photos, and then read their story below!

Steve and Kelli met in Nashville, Tennessee after Steve messaged Kelli on Match.com. “I really liked his diversity”, said Kelli. “How many guys have been to see Phantom of the Opera in New York City and played hockey?!”

Their first date was at Nashville Winery Arrington Vineyards where they had sushi and edamame. Kelli said, “Steve had never eaten edamame, so he ate the whole thing (pod and beans).  After he saw how I was only eating the bean, he was like ‘oh, you just eat the inside?’.  He was pretty darn cute.”  

Their relationship developed over time through a series of life events. Kelli traveled for work, so when Steve decided he would move to Kentucky when she moved, they knew their relationship was serious. But Kelli says that it wasn't until her cousin passed away suddenly, that both her and Steve realized how short life is; they didn’t want to spend it apart.

Not long after, Steve would make his commitment public. Kelli recounted, “We went to my parents to grill lobster and filet, and he asked my dad for his permission to marry me.  I should have known what was going on but hey, I thought he was just being helpful [by trying to cook with my dad].  He came inside and asked where the glasses were for my parents beer tap, so I took him downstairs [where the glasses were]. After reaching up for the glasses, I turned around, and he had gotten on one knee telling me that he's known since our second date that he wanted to marry me.  He began tearing up and then I started too. He dropped the ring, and I laughed because we couldn't find it for a minute. We are a hot mess so it's the perfect story for us! ”

When I asked Kelli & Steve what they love about each other, Steve said, “Kelli’s personality is what got me. From day one I could spot that smile and laugh from miles away.” Kelli said, “Steve's heart is so huge. I love the way he loves and can make me feel so safe and cared for.  He embraced my entire family immediately and loves my dog like he's been around since she was a puppy. He is also a huge kid and gets excited over the smallest things.” They both added, “We embrace that life is short and try to make the most out of all our days.”

We embrace that life is short and try to make the most out of all our days.

Our engagement session took us to the Switzer Covered Bridge, which is Kentucky’s only standing covered bridge. From there we went to Lexington Kentucky's Triangle Park and Rupp Arena. Steve & Kelli said, “Our engagement session was a great experience. It was nice to just be with each other all day and hang out. The engagement session, while somewhat busy was very relaxing.”

Michele and I are excited for their wedding this September at Moonlight Fields Wedding Farm, with reception to follow at Hilton of Downtown Lexington!


Louisville Wedding Photographers, Kentucky Love Story: Juan & Theresa


Louisville Wedding Photographers, Kentucky Love Story: Juan & Theresa

She has the absolutely most gorgeous smile, or double smile as I like to call it. When she smiles her upper lip also creates a tiny little smile underneath her nose. Along with that beautiful smile also comes a cute little contagious laugh! -Juan

As fine art wedding and lifestyle photographers, Michele and I love doing engagement sessions. Why's that important? It gives us time to mesh together with our clients so everyone feels comfortable (which also helps wedding photos turn out natural-looking and amazing)

Since Michele and I are married, we've developed this wedding photography philosophy: for an occasion like your Wedding Day, you don’t need “photographers”; you want friends who happen to be amazing at documenting the love you and your love fiancé share. For that reason, we cherish the time we have with our couples during engagement sessions. 

We had a beautiful session with two people who are so full of giddy love for one another that we couldn't help but ask them to do an interview with us!  Juan & Theresa have awesome chemistry. Not only did they rock their photos (including the one's of the Philo-Sofa made by Chiel Kuijl who's the one braiding the ropes below), but I teared up at their love story (especially the proposal)!

Have a look and their pictures and read their story below!



1. How did you two meet, start dating, and how/when/where did Juan propose?

Juan: In April of 2008, I started working at Men’s Wearhouse where Theresa had been working for over a year. On 9-8-2013, after 5 years of working together and remaining close friends, the timing was just right and Theresa finally told me that she liked me.  After several conversations and some questions, we immediately started dating. Since we had already worked together for so long, felt comfortable with each other and were already good friends, we immediately fell in love and became best friends! A couple of months later I told Theresa that I had started to fall in love with her; she felt the same!

Theresa: Juan proposed on December 21st, 2014 in front of the beautifully lit Christmas Tree on 4th Street. It was an “all day affair.” We started off the morning with going to mass. Immediately following, I was told that Juan’s Grandmother was having a party and needed help preparing the meal. Juan has his culinary degree from Sullivan, so he naturally volunteered to help. I was told that later in the evening we would be going out to see a caroling concert downtown.

As we made our way downtown I was told that the other people joining us were running late; he asked if I wanted to go on a horse carriage ride while we wait. Naturally, I said YES! He knew that the horse carriage ride held sentimental value to me from my childhood. We took a ride in the “Princess Carriage” as my mom likes to call it, throughout downtown to look at all of the beautiful Christmas lights! The carriage then stopped at the beginning of 4th Street.

We got out and my eyes lit up as I looked up at the huge Christmas Tree! He looked at me and said, “You want to take a picture in front of the Tree, don’t you?” Of course I did, but I wanted to get someone to take a photo of us so that they could get as much of the tree in there as possible! He told me to open up a tripod that he had brought, for his GoPro while he would go look for someone to take our pictures.

After I opened the tripod and looked up, he walked to the other side of the tree while I waited for him to come back and get me. He then came back and took me to the other side where he was, and set up the GoPro to take some pictures of us. While this was going on, he looked over and saw one of his friends, which wasn't out of the ordinary.

Jeff: Did Juan plan that out?

Theresa: Yes!

Jeff: Did it click that Juan was about to propose?

Theresa: (*Laughing) No! His friend then proceeded to “take pictures of us”; really he was videoing us! Juan thought it would be cool to pose in such a way that illustrated a common joke between us; ultimately involving a “high-five”. As we high-fived, he took my hand, reached into his coat pocket, got down on one knee and pulled out a little blue box. He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me; “Theresa Anne Zoldak, will you marry me?” Naturally I cried tears of happiness and excitement! Of course I said “Yes! Yes!” He then got up, kissing me and hugging me; however I did not want to let go; eventually I had to.

2. What are your favorite things about each other?

Theresa: I love it when I do something completely stupid and Juan just looks at me and can’t help but smile and laugh at me, then does something equally as stupid. I’m still not sure if he does it to make me feel better or because he is just as goofy. His smile and laugh are so contagious that I end up following suit, laughing and smiling right back at him.

Juan is constantly encouraging me to try new things, whether it’s food or an activity. This has honestly been extremely rewarding and beneficial to me. Granted, at first, I am hesitant and don’t really want to try; however, he then reminds me, “Why not?! You might like it.” More often than not I do, in fact, end up enjoying whatever it is! Along with this, he also pushes me and encourages me to be the very best that I can be at everything!

Above all, I love how he treats others, always with the utmost respect while still able to joke and make people laugh. He is very personable with other individuals; even if he has just met them. I think that this is a very valuable attribute and I strive to be just like him in this way! In fact, I have noticed the longer we are together the more I will imitate him in many ways.

Juan: I love how silly and 100% comfortable she is with me.  No matter how stupid, mad, sad, or tired I am she always manages to find a way to bring a smile to my face. She has the absolutely most gorgeous smile, or double smile as I like to call it. When she smiles her upper lip also creates a tiny little smile underneath her nose. Along with that beautiful smile also comes a cute little contagious laugh!

I love Theresa’s amazing personality! She is so loving and caring and always puts everyone else's need and feeling before hers. Because of that her personality is magnetic to everyone she meets, which I love about her.   

3. What’s your favorite hobby/thing you love to go out and do together?

Juan: I would say that we honestly enjoy doing absolutely everything together, we feed off each other and balance each other out.  While a lot of couples enjoy spending the occasional time away from each other and doing separate activities, I feel like we end up missing each other and not enjoying that time to the fullest. However; we do enjoy going out and riding my motorcycle together and tasting new bourbons!

4. What's another interesting fact about you two?

Juan & Theresa: We both happen to be Dallas Cowboys fans.

5. Would you tell our readers how you felt during and after our time together for your engagement session and how do you think that will impact your wedding photos?

Juan & Theresa: This being our very first time having any form of professional photo activities, we were a little nervous and did not really know what to expect. Although after our initial meeting and after several phone and email conversations we felt like we were meeting and dealing with friends instead of “photographers”. We arrived at our destination relatively late due to traffic but Jeff & Michele happily waited for us and were not the least bit bothered!

As soon as we arrived we found Jeff & Michele and they went through a couple of photo poses, stances, and looks.  One of the things that I enjoyed the most about having an actual married couple take our photos was their ability to show us how close and comfortable our poses and looks should be to make them look best.

We started off a little slow as they adjusted cameras and picked the best light and angles, but then it quickly took off and before we knew it, it was golden hour and we were having so much fun dancing around in an open field! Jeff & Michele gave us so much positive reinforcement throughout the whole experience and couldn’t stop complimenting how “perfect” “gorgeous” and “in love” we were (but who can blame them! Haha!) They played well off each other and not only did they capture different angles but they also used different cameras! While one of them used a digital camera, the other one was using a film camera.

Jeff & Michele made sure that they were able to take photos at all the locations that we wanted and made sure to capture all the poses that we desired.  Even as we walked from location to location they never stopped shooting and even snuck in a couple candid shots as we were acting silly and in love. As they took the photos, every now and then they would show us on the back of their cameras, and we fell absolutely in love with our photos and with the overall experience!

We are blessed to have found a pair of photographers who are passionate and love what they do as well as love each other. We absolutely loved their chemistry. We are more than excited and could have not chosen a better actual team to take our pictures for our big day.

We feel like Jeff & Michele will definitely exceed our expectations for the wedding and will produce some of the highest quality photos that we have seen anywhere that will look amazing many years from now.  We are excited to have created such a friendship with them and we definitely want to use them for all of our future photography!

Juan & Theresa will be having their wedding this November at St. Martin of Tours in Louisville, Ky followed by their reception at Mellwood Art Center also in Louisville, Ky. All photos taken at Bernheim Aboretum and Research Forest in Clermont, Kentucky just west of Bardstown, and about 30 minutes south of Louisville.