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Weddings have always been quite an undertaking for those involved. Between determining the budget, finding and working with a dozen vendors, choosing your guest list, and everything in between, planning a wedding celebration is no easy task. 

If you're someone who's recently become engaged, it all may quickly seem overwhelming, especially for those who already have a busy schedule. 

One of the best ways to make the process smoother (while keeping your sanity!) is to hire a professional wedding planner. And here's why they're worth it:

Wedding Planners Save the Day

Tampa wedding planner, Ashley Moody of Love Lee Lane Wedding Planning recounts a funny story of a groom who would not fit into his shirt. Minutes before the groom was supposed to walk down the aisle, his shirt buttons were busting. 

With expert care, her and her team grabbed their sewing kit they had on-site and literally sewed his shirt on so that he could walk down the aisle with confidence that he wouldn't have to bare his chest to all the guests. 

This is only one of many examples that show how the best wedding planners are used to and are prepared for common issues.

They are there to "save" your day!

Spend Smarter, Save More

Having a planner can keep you from spending too much in one place and not enough in another. Case in point, one wedding planner told us a story of a bride that came to her with a crisis situation. She had spent too much and was suddenly struggling to find money for essentials. 

The planner soon discovered that the bride had spent a considerable sum of her funds on several bagpipers. Only one problem...she only needed one bagpiper!

This was an extra expense that could have just went towards hiring a planner in the first place! 

Live and learn, right?

Ease of Mind During the Planning Process

Planning a wedding can turn even the most calm and collective people into micromanagers and over-thinkers. 

And it's no surprise. Not only does an average wedding cost around $30,000 in the US these days, but the process itself often takes anywhere between 6-24 months and involves countless emails, phone calls and steps along the way.

When you hire an experienced wedding planner, they can help keep your worries at bay. Some of the best ones out there can assist with everything from managing communication with other wedding vendors to guiding you through each design-oriented decision.

Remaining Within Budget

Any wedding can quickly get out of hand from a budget-perspective if not handled properly. A wedding planner who knows your limits can prepare you for how much certain vendors, designs and more will cost -- before you spend a cent. 

Professional Advice

We may all love our family members and friends, but sometimes their opinions may cloud your judgment (and not in a good way). 

A wedding planner who knows your style and your ideal vision for your big day can keep that in mind any time a choice must be made during the process. While others may have ideas, planners can provide unbiased, educated and creative feedback you won't receive from anyone else. 

After all, this is their expertise! 

Ideas and Inspiration

Sometimes you may find it hard to come up with fun and unique style or theme ideas. Wedding designers are available to help you fine-tune an aesthetic that speaks to your love and your personalities, all while looking beautiful on camera and providing your guests with a great experience. 

Although the ultimate decision should be yours, talking with a professional wedding planner can help with brainstorming and finding clarity. Just be willing to start with an open mind and finish with a confidence so strong you won't be second guessing anything!

Connections with Other Wedding Vendors

Especially for those who have been around for 5, 10 or even 20 years, they've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of wedding vendors in the area, some of whom they've gotten to know pretty well. 

Working with a wedding planner who has these relationships already can be invaluable. They can offer additional insight and recommendations to help you choose which ones may be the right fit, and may have an easier time communicating with vendors who double as their friends. 

Another perk? Think of how much more smoothly your wedding day will go when most of your wedding vendors have worked with each other before on dozens of occasions!

Keeps You on Schedule

Need someone to give you a little nudge each time a deadline is approaching or remind you that a color for the table linens still needs to be chosen? 

A wedding planner can keep your wedding on track, without hardly any item falling behind on schedule. Yet another reason to be less stressed -- and thank them a million times over!

Additional Event Planning

Whether you're interested in getting a little extra assistance with your bridal shower or you love the idea of hiring someone who can help with planning both your wedding day and honeymoon, talk with wedding planners in your area about your ideas!

Enjoy the Wedding Day Without Stress

Even if you end up deciding that full-planning services aren't for you, hiring a day-of coordinator will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

No need to have a pair of your cousins scurry around setting things up on the morning-of, or asking a handful of guests to handle important last-minute tasks. Let your coordinator design the tables, speak with vendors as they arrive, keep track of the timeline, and go above and beyond to allow you both to enjoy the day fully. 

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