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The time is here: you've never been more sure of who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you have found the one who's set your heart on fire, or you've known for years that this is the person you're meant to be with. No matter the case, if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and know that they are, too, it could be the right time to begin planning a marriage proposal they'll remember for years to come!

But there's a lot to consider. Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that can be extremely important, emotional and impactful for both you and your partner. Take a look at some of our top tips for planning the ultimate marriage proposal below to get you started on popping the question!

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Be Personal

Instead of going to the latest trendy restaurant in town, think of how you might be able to integrate a sentimental and personal message into the entire experience. One great way is to propose on a meaningful day of the year, such as the day you met or had your first date. Or you could take them back to a location that is important to you both, such as where you first met or first said "I love you." 

However, keep your partner's personality in mind. Do they prefer to have important conversations in private? Would they enjoy being asked in public? If so, is a quieter location best or would they love to have dozens of other people around? These are important factors to remember before taking the leap.  

Research Ideas

Sometimes we just need to see what others have done to get our creative juices flowing -- and coming up with the right way to propose can be the same way! Do your own research to discover what others out there have done, and then strategize how you can make it your own with personal and meaningful touches. 

Consider Asking for Outside Help

Whether you reach out to a professional in the wedding industry to help you with the proposal process or you want help from their family and friends, asking for extra assistance to make the day go by smoothly is never a bad idea! Having other people involved can provide the perfect decoy to keep your partner from guessing what's about to happen. 

You might want to hire a photographer to secretly capture the moment on camera, or have her friends take her out to a spa day to get her all dolled up for the occasion beforehand. She'll definitely thank you later! 

Buy the Right Engagement Ring

If you want to keep things personal, consider integrating family heirlooms (either yours or theirs) into the engagement ring. Even if neither of your families have a vintage ring to pass down, there may be other pieces of jewelry (such as necklaces or earrings) that can provide the right metals or gemstones to create a new engagement ring with sentimental value.

Or if you plan to find something brand new, be sure to do your research and think about your partner's personality. Are they someone who enjoys classic and traditional styles? Do they love to be daring or strikingly unique? Try to narrow down to only a few ideas, and if you can't decide on just one, ask one of their friends or family members to give you advice!

Sit Down with the Parents

If having their parents' blessing is really important, by all means talk to them! And even if you aren't sure whether this is something your partner would want, it can be a beautiful gesture that can start your marriage off on the right foot with the in-laws. 

Practice Makes Perfect

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Even though you won't be the one who's being asked, you can't forget that presentation matters! Remember to find the right outfit to wear, think about what you'll want to say and practice it when they aren't around. Not only does planning and practice in advance help the proposal go smoother, it may even help calm your nerves to know you're fully ready!

Have a Backup Plan

Especially if you are planning to pop the question outside, having a backup plan for a different location (or date if need be) can be a smart idea. Although we always hope for the best, sometimes it's important to plan for unexpected circumstances that may get in the way of your big question!

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