Transcend by Jeff & Michele is designed to bring people serious about their craft together for growth. This workshop will advance your understanding and ability with composition, lighting, natural posing, advanced editing, creating amazing client experience, growing your wedding photography business and other topics designed for professional advancement.

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You'll be added to our exclusive Facebook group as you prepare for you adventure with us! Once you arrive you'll have time to meet other photographers, chat, and then venture out for a photo-hike. Classes will be held at set intervals during the day with free time to explore and get to know others in between. We'll come together for meals and campfire where we'll discuss topics from the day, and whatever else is on our minds. This will be a great time to have informal discussion and learn from one another. 


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  1. Making pictures that matter: philosphy, composition, lighting, and posing
  2. Shooting film & digital
  3. Workflow & Editing
  4. Knowing & reaching your ideal clients
  5. SEO, Blogging, Newsletters & Social Media: How to make sense of them and actually use them to benefit your business
  6. Networking: Driving referrals by benefiting others
  7. Organizing styled shoots
  8. Styling details


  1. Meet & Greet 
  2. Photo-hike
  3. Meals together
  4. Campfire Q&A 
  5. Star-pictures and nigh-time portraits night
  6. Live shoot


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