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Lexington Wedding Photographers: Steve & Kelli Love Story


Lexington Wedding Photographers: Steve & Kelli Love Story

Kelli’s personality is what got me. From day one I could spot that smile and laugh from miles away.

Steve & Kelli found Michele & I on, and we immediately clicked. They’re genuine and friendly people and you can’t help but fall in love with them! Take a look at some of their engagement photos, and then read their story below!

Steve and Kelli met in Nashville, Tennessee after Steve messaged Kelli on “I really liked his diversity”, said Kelli. “How many guys have been to see Phantom of the Opera in New York City and played hockey?!”

Their first date was at Nashville Winery Arrington Vineyards where they had sushi and edamame. Kelli said, “Steve had never eaten edamame, so he ate the whole thing (pod and beans).  After he saw how I was only eating the bean, he was like ‘oh, you just eat the inside?’.  He was pretty darn cute.”  

Their relationship developed over time through a series of life events. Kelli traveled for work, so when Steve decided he would move to Kentucky when she moved, they knew their relationship was serious. But Kelli says that it wasn't until her cousin passed away suddenly, that both her and Steve realized how short life is; they didn’t want to spend it apart.

Not long after, Steve would make his commitment public. Kelli recounted, “We went to my parents to grill lobster and filet, and he asked my dad for his permission to marry me.  I should have known what was going on but hey, I thought he was just being helpful [by trying to cook with my dad].  He came inside and asked where the glasses were for my parents beer tap, so I took him downstairs [where the glasses were]. After reaching up for the glasses, I turned around, and he had gotten on one knee telling me that he's known since our second date that he wanted to marry me.  He began tearing up and then I started too. He dropped the ring, and I laughed because we couldn't find it for a minute. We are a hot mess so it's the perfect story for us! ”

When I asked Kelli & Steve what they love about each other, Steve said, “Kelli’s personality is what got me. From day one I could spot that smile and laugh from miles away.” Kelli said, “Steve's heart is so huge. I love the way he loves and can make me feel so safe and cared for.  He embraced my entire family immediately and loves my dog like he's been around since she was a puppy. He is also a huge kid and gets excited over the smallest things.” They both added, “We embrace that life is short and try to make the most out of all our days.”

We embrace that life is short and try to make the most out of all our days.

Our engagement session took us to the Switzer Covered Bridge, which is Kentucky’s only standing covered bridge. From there we went to Lexington Kentucky's Triangle Park and Rupp Arena. Steve & Kelli said, “Our engagement session was a great experience. It was nice to just be with each other all day and hang out. The engagement session, while somewhat busy was very relaxing.”

Michele and I are excited for their wedding this September at Moonlight Fields Wedding Farm, with reception to follow at Hilton of Downtown Lexington!

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