Bride and Groom at The Terrace Hotel Wedding Photos Lakeland, Florida

Our coaching is a good choice to make if you...

  • want to drive leads and book more weddings using SEO

  • want to learn how to shoot film effectively

  • don't want to waste time finding out stuff the hard way...: )

  • are considering making a jump into professional wedding photography

  • are wanting serious personal portfolio development and critique

  • want to improve your post-processing workflow and technique

  • are ready to learn off-camera flash and lighting technique

  • want to take your photography skills to the next level

  • desire to grow your current business

For every session, you'll receive...

  • 1 free consultation to determine and define your goals

  • Intense, personal coaching that fits your personal and/or business goals designed to catalyze your progress in key areas

  • Info tailored to your needs and desires

  • A tailored educational plan and schedule that fits your availability

  • Instruction in various subjects

  • 10% discount on all workshops

  • The opportunity to shadow us at a real engagement session and/or wedding

Session Options

*An individual session may be booked for as little as one hour. Multiple hours may be booked for a single session, or may be spread out for different days. Discounts are included for ongoing coaching.

Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Phone Session

  • Private 1 hour: 350

  • Private 10 hour: 3250

  • Two people 1 hour: 600

  • Two people 10 hour: 5500

  • Larger groups, please inquire below

On Location (Local Only)

  • Private 1 hour: 500

  • Private 10 hour: 4500

  • Two people 1 hour: 750

  • Two people 10 hour: 7000

  • Larger groups, please inquire below

Outside Louisville Area

  • Larger groups, please inquire below

Inquiries & Questions

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