Jeff & Michele Business Policies


Policy 1

Dates are not reserved until signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee deposit is received and successfully deposited.

Policy 2

Mileage fees do not include lodging. Lodging, food, road tolls, permits, and all other fees/expenses are separate from mileage fess.

Policy 3

Engagement sessions must be within 35 miles of 40165 zip code. There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) if location is agreed upon and set prior to the signing of the agreement or 2) extra hours and associated fees are paid for. Extra hours may be purchased at $200 per. 

Policy 4

Hotel, lodging, and any other expenses not provided by the client will be included in the final invoice balance. If travel feels have been exempted, this assumes mileage and toll fees. Any other expenses such as hotel, lodging, etc. will not be charged, if provided by the client. If expenses such as hotel, lodging, etc. are incurred, this expenses will be passed along to and must be paid by the client.   

RAW images/unedited images/"all" images will not be provided at any time.

Policy 5

Online viewing galleries are not expected to be permanent. We assume no liability if online viewing galleries are not longer accessible. If links are lost, or photos have become inaccessible for any reason, there is a $25 fee per instance to retrieve this information. There is no guarantee that photos will be retrievable, and if not, then the fee will not be charged. When online gallery links are provided, photos should be immediately downloaded and backup up. We are not responsible for the personal protection of photos once the gallery links are delivered. 

Policy 6

In the case that a session must be rescheduled, a $35 rescheduling fee with be applied. 

Policy 7

Policy 8

Session cancellations cannot be refunded. Any non-refundable deposit paid up to the time of rescheduling/cancellations, may be applied towards a future session credit.

All print credits expire 30 days after gallery delivery. If the client does not use these credits, they will expire 30 days after the delivery of the online gallery. 

Policy 9